Data integrity that satisfies investors and regulators can also drive performance, RisCura Analytics provides insights that support better investment decision making.

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Risk controlled.


The secret behind top-performing African pension funds?
It starts with RisCura’s trailblazing liability-driven investment strategies.

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Independent investment thinking.


African unlisted instruments offer great opportunities. But at what risk? RisCura Fundamentals helps you put private equity valuations in focus.

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African specialist.

Fund Services

True accuracy and transparency require vigilant administration. RisCura Fund Services offers you confidence that you have ticked all the boxes.

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We dig deeper.

Your Africa specialist in London

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RisCura on Your Doorstep

Where in the world do you find truly independent investment expertise? Take a look at RisCura’s client-centric international performance and risk services.

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  • 25th July 2014

    African governments remain reluctant to take on large amounts of external debt which could reasonably be attributed to the continent’s history in debt markets. Investments on the continent, in general, utilise far less debt than comparable developed market transactions.


  • 25th July 2014

    The distribution challenges in Africa are typical of a developing country with low road / rail density, making it difficult to deliver goods. Further, regular power outages place a burden on business and distribution in the region. Companies have overcome this by investing in their own...


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