RisCura’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and Ownership

Committed to playing a meaningful role in addressing gender and race imbalances in South Africa, RisCura works just as hard at embodying the spirit of B-BBEE as we do applying its requirements.

RisCura is currently a Level 1 Contributor. You can download a copy of RisCura’s latest B-BBEE certification here

A Broad-Based Approach to Better Business

Through a range of B-BBEE initiatives and ownership structures, we actively encourage the economic empowerment of formerly disenfranchised groups at every level of the company. For instance, a staff share trust specifically provides black staff members with an ongoing and worthwhile stake in the business.

Making Diversity and Talent Work Together

We engage the most exceptional people at RisCura – individuals who challenge conventional thinking and share our values of integrity, creativity, hard work and client-first thinking. Within the auspices of this policy we are proud to continue welcoming the most talented previously disadvantaged individuals to stage their careers at RisCura.

More About B-BBEE and RisCura

For more information on RisCura’s B-BBEE policies and practice download our status documentation here or contact us at info@riscura.com.