Chinese equities are at a turning point

Justin Brown reports that Chinese equities are at a critical moment after two years of turmoil.

"Now is the inflection point: the China train is leaving the station – you want to be on that train."

2022 Star Selectors – Glenn Silverman

Glenn Silverman has been named as one of Citywire South Africa’s 2022 Star Selectors.

"We continue to focus more of our research time, and questioning of managers, on matters related to ESG."

Innovation is key for African pensions

Michael Avery of Classic Business interviewed Gerald Gondo on the need for African pension funds to leverage technology to expand formal retirement provisions to more people.

"Mobile technology is a potent economic driver and enabler"

Fitting investment benchmarks to individuals

Simon Brown of MoneywebNow interviewed Jonathan Brummer to discuss the risks of using inflation as a benchmark for investment performance.

"A useful benchmark looks at the underlying assets."

Business Day, Opinion

Faisal Rafi was recently invited by Business Day to share his opinion on the recent sell-off of Chinese equities following the re-election of Xi Jinping as President of P.R. China.

"Keep calm and carry on: Geopolitical risk is already priced into Chinese equities"

Private Equity – How does Africa fare in tough times?

RisCura launches Private Equity section of Bright Africa 2020. The private equity focussed arm of the research was the first section released today as part of a series of Bright Africa 2020 focus areas. It highlights the current state of the private equity market in Africa and trends in prices paid for private equity assets over time, says RisCura’s Gilbert Anyetei, principal researcher.

"Before the significant market contraction in early 2020, private equity fundraising activity across Africa continued to show strong growth. The total value of 2019 private equity fundraising reached USD 3.8bn, up from USD 2.7bn in 2018, and the second-highest year of fundraising since 2010."


RisCura’s Adam Bennot chats about impact investing and highlights the shift from investing for risk and return to investing for sustainability, impact on people or the planet.

"According to Schroders’ Institutional Investor Survey, 67% of institutional investors believe the role of sustainable investing will become more important over the next five years."

An African solution to a South African problem

RisCura’s Nikolaas Delport says South African asset managers running Regulation 28 compliant funds for the retirement industry has caused a peculiar problem as their South African equity component, over time, has become less diversified, which is posing an increased concentration risk.

"Within the current regulatory constraints, pension fund trustees should encourage their Regulation 28 compliant fund managers to resolve a uniquely South African problem by investing in Africa."


RisCura’s David Potgieter says employee benefits is a term that regularly comes up in corporate conversations when talking to staff. It covers a range of elements and usually include retirement and risk. David delves into topics such as reviewing retirement fund options, preparing proper post-retirement solutions, risk benefits and member training.

"Thinking about the above helps employers to offer competitive options, increases the retention rate of current staff, and strengthens their offering when talking to prospective employees."

FA News

RisCura is applying its extensive institutional investment experience to impact investing and has launched the country’s first Impact fund of funds series in line with the globally recognised definition of impact investing “to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact” within South Africa while still delivering competitive investment returns.

"Retirement funds and other institutional investors are not blind to the myriad social and developmental needs facing South Africa. But finding ways to invest their pools of capital to directly address these issues is not always easy."

Private Equity Wire

RisCura’s Gilbert Anyetei highlights the Bright Africa 2020 research which shows that internet and direct marketing retail companies are classified within the consumer discretionary sector which has enjoyed a growth of 45%.

"Given recent events because of the global pandemic, the shift to online retail has been accelerated globally and could present substantial opportunities in Africa, driven by the continent’s large and growing, young population."

African demographics changing rapidly, forcing governments to re-think pensions

RisCura’s Gerald Gondo says the prospect of a seismic growth in Africa’s elderly population and the fact that over 85% of working Africans are employed informally pose unique challenges to the continent’s pension fund industry. However, progress is being made in tackling these issues.

"The estimates for the elderly are astounding, which is putting enormous pressure on governments and pension funds to deliver some form of social security."


RisCura’s Craig Abbott looks at what to consider when selecting the right independent DFM, this includes pricing models for advisers based on the size of assets under advice.

"As an adviser with institutional clients, a multi-manager solution can address all issues and concerns"

Sam Beckbessinger (Upshot author)

The author of two Upshot stories and renowned writer, Sam Beckbessinger, shares her reviews on Upshot.

"RisCura is a purpose-driven global investment firm, and I'm bloody impressed that they initiated this project."

Weekend Argus

Weekend Argus journalist Amber Court talks financial futures with world-renowned author Lauren Beukes following the launch of RisCura’s Upshot anthology which aims to make financial concepts easily understandable to help people plan for the long-term.

"A new speculative fiction anthology, Upshot, explores fascinating finance stories of algorithm-controlled lives to impossible retirement choices where people are forced to retire at 80, but live to 125."

Business Day Spotlight

Business Day Spotlight podcast host Mudiwa Gavaza in conversation with Malcolm Fair, RisCura MD and author of one of the Upshot stories (Last Shot), Angela Makholwa.

"If there are movie plans, we are certainly there for it - we will be crossing our fingers."

Business Live

Upshot received a stellar review from Garth Theunissen, Business Day journalist.

"RisCura appears to have broken the mould in truly innovative fashion."


RisCura MD Malcolm Fair chatted to host Gareth Edwards on eNCA’s morning show, South African Morning, on why the purpose-driven investment firm launched anthology, Upshot – stories of financial futures.

"Upshot takes society’s present concerns and provokes the reader to think about how they can best invest in the future."

Cape Talk

World-renowned author Lauren Beukes interviewed by Cape Talk’s Moolah Mondays host Refilwe Moloto on Beukes’ experience in partnering with purpose-driven investment firm RisCura and curating the Upshot anthology that explores alternative financial futures.

"A financial services company turning to the literary world to express our financial futures…Beautifully told, leaving me wanting more."