Cape Talk

World-renowned author Lauren Beukes interviewed by Cape Talk’s Moolah Mondays host Refilwe Moloto on Beukes’ experience in partnering with purpose-driven investment firm RisCura and curating the Upshot anthology that explores alternative financial futures.

"A financial services company turning to the literary world to express our financial futures…Beautifully told, leaving me wanting more."


RisCura MD Malcolm Fair chatted to host Gareth Edwards on eNCA’s morning show, South African Morning, on why the purpose-driven investment firm launched anthology, Upshot – stories of financial futures.

"Upshot takes society’s present concerns and provokes the reader to think about how they can best invest in the future."

Business Live

Upshot received a stellar review from Garth Theunissen, Business Day journalist.

"RisCura appears to have broken the mould in truly innovative fashion."

Business Day Spotlight

Business Day Spotlight podcast host Mudiwa Gavaza in conversation with Malcolm Fair, RisCura MD and author of one of the Upshot stories (Last Shot), Angela Makholwa.

"If there are movie plans, we are certainly there for it - we will be crossing our fingers."

Weekend Argus

Weekend Argus journalist Amber Court talks financial futures with world-renowned author Lauren Beukes following the launch of RisCura’s Upshot anthology which aims to make financial concepts easily understandable to help people plan for the long-term.

"A new speculative fiction anthology, Upshot, explores fascinating finance stories of algorithm-controlled lives to impossible retirement choices where people are forced to retire at 80, but live to 125."

Sam Beckbessinger (Upshot author)

The author of two Upshot stories and renowned writer, Sam Beckbessinger, shares her reviews on Upshot.

"RisCura is a purpose-driven global investment firm, and I'm bloody impressed that they initiated this project."