We’re on the lookout for four smart-thinking graduates to join our exciting world of investments! 


Working at RisCura offers you a unique 360-view of the investment industry due to our diverse client base, from asset managers, to private equity investors and the largest institutional investors in frontier markets.

We offer a dynamic working environment alongside some of the brightest investment minds, known for being industry pioneers. Our flat management structure and open-door policy ensure that all staff are exposed to the company’s thought leaders.

On successful completion of this training programme, you’ll be well-equipped to step into the exciting, ever-changing world of investments as a newly qualified
Chartered Accountant specialising in private equity.

Joining our diverse team of investment experts provides you with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of ordinary South Africans through our common purpose —care for long-term good of our clients, society and the planet.


Private Equity
Gain a thorough understanding of private equity in frontier markets. RisCura values over 260 companies across 15 frontier market countries annually.

& Accounting
Acquire on-the-job training in financial management and accounting practices by assisting with annual financial statements within the RisCura group.

Hedge Fund
Gain experience in the hedge
fund industry. We analyse approximately 60 hedge funds with a total of R 40 billion
AUM monthly.

Exciting Investment Destinations
Gain exposure to emerging and frontier markets like Africa and China, the world’s fastest growing economy.
Join our team as we break barriers and build new pathways for the investment industry through investing in impact and infrastructure.



At RisCura, we pride ourselves on being a breeding ground for innovation and purpose-driven investment. This culture of innovation and care is based on a mix of experienced industry pioneers, who support the fresh ideas of young leaders and are passionate about the long-term good. These ideas are frequently given an opportunity to come to life, and every so often, they become a permanent part of our business.

We strongly believe in nurturing the growth and development of the forward-thinking and agile individuals who call themselves RisCurians. This is why RisCura is a place where visionary-thinkers develop the skills to kickstart successful careers in the investment industry that can improve the lives of ordinary people. You’ll find that we all work together to ensure that earning a return on capital is congruent with the things that make life livable, like family, security, health, dignity, comfort, freedom of choice and self-determination, and being able to protect yourself, your loved ones and the living planet for decades and centuries to come.


If you’re an out-the-box thinker, entrepreneurial-minded graduate looking to make your innovative ideas come to life, under an umbrella of care for the long-term good of society and the environment, then RisCura is for you.

Successful applicants will be based in Cape Town.