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Developing an inclusive investment industry

Over the last decade, the South African investment industry has seen several developments and trends emerge.
One of these key developments is the increased attention placed on developing transformed investment firms, a
necessary first step in building a more inclusive investment industry. Currently, only 10% of South Africa’s total
savings industry is managed by transformed asset managers. To effect real change, more work and collaboration
is needed.

Asset Manager Development Programme

Investing for a better South Africa includes the development of an inclusive investment industry. At RisCura, we’ve
always understood the need to do this. That is why we started our Asset Manager Development Programme over
20 years ago. RisCura’s programme has aimed at upskilling and assisting emerging black and women managers.
Several of these asset managers have now grown into some of the country’s leading investment managers.

Over time, we have learnt lessons that have benefited start-up, emerging and developed black-owned and
women-owned asset managers. RisCura’s programme focuses on more than just investing in managers based on
ownership. We have on-going engagements with asset managers during the start-up phase to ensure that they
experience sustainable growth and graduate to emerging managers and developed managers.

Leveraging RisCura’s institutional investor experience, our global investment research team conducts a
full due diligence to ensure that the managers meet initial start-up criteria. Once they are admitted into the
programme, our team provides a dedicated manager support service that conducts on-site checks, offers guidance
and allows these managers to gain access to over 20 years of institutional knowledge residing within our team.
Through this process, asset managers are to able grow in their businesses to levels required by institutional
investors, whilst the investors themselves can have peace of mind that their investments in the asset manager
development programme are benefiting from RisCura’s oversight and experience.

RisCura offers the asset manager development programme to institutional investors on both an advisory
as well as discretionary basis. In the discretionary programme, investors provide us with mandates to meet
their specific manager development investment goals. RisCura is dedicated to working with our clients to
build additional capacity in the industry, across all asset classes, so all ultimately enable and benefit
a more inclusive investment industry.

Why RisCura

RisCura is a purpose-driven global investment firm. Over the years, RisCura has been at the forefront of innovation
in the investment industry, specialising in frontier and emerging markets. RisCura has many years’ experience in
researching and selecting asset managers both locally and globally. Within South Africa, we have assisted several
long-term clients with identifying, selecting and implementing incubation managers in our advisory role.

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Developing an inclusive investment industry

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