Multi Asset solution  

Choosing a multi asset solution enables retirement funds to be Regulation 28 compliant and limits the risk in their portfolios, while still allowing investors to get inflation-beating returns. The RisCura Prescient fund of fund range of portfolios are specifically designed with smaller institutional investors in mind. The funds are fully compliant with Regulation 28, providing investors with peace of mind that all related compliance and regulatory standards have been met. RisCura utilises the same investment process employed across our large stand-alone funds, giving smaller pools of capital the access to same investment expertise as some of the largest frontier market funds. We offer access to global allocations including to frontier and emerging markets like Africa and China. Using RisCura’s multi-asset solution also provides a blend of specialist, active and passive investment mandates and access to a full universe of established and emerging managers.


Why RisCura?  

With over 20 years’ investment industry experience, RisCura offers investors retirement solutions that suit their needs. With some of the biggest frontier and emerging market institutional investor clients, RisCura packages big retirement fund expertise tailored for smaller retirement fund clients. 

Our highly skilled and experienced team of investment professionals are well-equipped to achieve the retirement fund investment objectives. Our investment ideas come from first-hand research through extensive travel across the globe, including frontier and emerging markets, and we are always on the lookout for new investment opportunities.  


What we offer 


A multi manager approach 

RisCura employs a combination of best of breed specialist boutique managers in each asset class. A combination of active and passive managers where appropriate allows for cost management, while not restricting the ability to generate market-beating returns. The underlying managers are combined in a sophisticated portfolio construction process that cater to different management styles.  

Easily accessible 

The funds are accessible via selected umbrella platforms and direct investment for institutional investors.  

Competitive pricing 

No retail fee classes. No performance fees at fund level are levied. Performance fees may be charged on some underlying managers.  

 For peace of mind that your funds are Regulation 28 compliant and cared for by an experienced investment team, get in touch below. 

RisCura High Equity Fund of Funds

The fund invests in a mixed selection of asset. Asset allocation will be managed actively, and the fund will seek to capture value opportunities by switching between asset classes with the focus on equity selection opportunities.   


  • Fund Type: Collective Investment Scheme  
  • Benchmark: ASISA SA Multi-Asset High Equity Category Average 
  • Return Target: CPI + 6% over 7 years
  • Regulation 28: Complies 
  • Base Currency: ZAR 
  • Risk Profile: Medium/High Risk

RisCura Low Equity Fund of Funds

The fund invests in a mixed selection of asset. Asset allocation will be managed actively, and the fund will seek to capture value opportunities by switching between asset classes with the focus on fixed income selection opportunities.  


  • Fund Type: Collective Investment Scheme  
  • Benchmark: ASISA SA Multi-Asset Low Equity Category Average 
  • Return Target: CPI+2% over 2 years 
  • Regulation 28: Complies 
  • Base Currency: ZAR 
  • Risk Profile: Low Risk 

Minimum Disclosure Documents

Minimum Disclosure Document for the High Equity Fund of Funds (Monthly)

October 2022

Minimum Disclosure Document Low Equity Fund of Funds (Monthly)

October 2022

General Investor Report High Equity Fund of Funds (Quarterly)

September 2022

General Investor Report Low Equity Fund of Funds (Quarterly)

September 2022

Portfolio positioning and outlook

Q3 2022

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