Global asset allocation of DFIs

In a 2010-2011 African Private Equity survey conducted by Preqin, 92% of DFI respondents saw Africa as presenting “attractive investment opportunities”. In addition to this, all DFI respondents active in Africa-focused Private Equity funds were set to make commitments the following year with an overwhelming 92% looking to increase or maintain their global asset allocations in the long term. Although these results are purely qualitative, they reflect a clear positive sentiment towards DFI investment in Africa.

At the end of 2010 European DFIs (EDFI) total portfolios amounted to USD 29bn. By 2013 this figure had increased to USD 38.7bn.  Unfortunately, the total allocation to Africa is not disclosed, but 30% (29% 2010) was invested in the Africa, Caribbean, Pacific (ACP) region, including 5% to South Africa. This translates to an increase in EDFI’s investment in ACP of USD 3.4bn, from USD 8.4bn in 2010 to USD 11.8bn in 2013 USD 3.9bn and USD 0.8bn respectively.

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