RisCura Fundamentals launched the inaugural Bright Africa report in April this year. The annual report provides a unique look at equity investment across the continent, and continues to be the first and most comprehensive report on the price of PE deals in Africa. Public interest in the report has been fantastic, with over 53 000 pageviews of the interactive report and thousands of downloads on the Bright Africa website from around the world. The report content has been featured in pitch documents, investor reporting and Africa presentations, and was featured twice in the London Financial Times and in a speech by Sir Bob Geldof to global investors. If you are not yet familiar with the Bright Africa report, we encourage you to follow this link to view the interactive report online:

In order to provide a more comprehensive analysis to Africa investors around the world, the Bright Africa team at RisCura is dedicated to increasing the sample size of the PE transactions database. Our passion for business in Africa drives our work, and our main goal is to improve the quality of information available to current and potential investors into our continent.

We therefore urge you to consider the value of adding your data to that of over 50 leading Africa-focused PE funds that we hope to include in the 2014 publication of the Bright Africa report. All information provided will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

If you wish to contribute your data, please download the easy to complete template by clicking here.

Please ensure your completed template reaches us no later than Friday, 15 November. We thank you in advance for your contribution, and please contact us if you have any queries.