Managing Potential Conflicts of Interest

Over our twelve-year business history, the foundation of our business has been to drive the improvement of retirement fund investing standards in South Africa and beyond. Our push for technical excellence has made us develop tools for the South African and African financial services industries that assist in making the industry a more transparent, more appropriate, less risky and safer place to invest for institutional investors. We are proud of our achievements and the resultant positive impact they have had on the broader investment industry.

The creation of RisCura’s independent business units is a direct example of our alignment with the interests of our clients. Instead of shying away from services where potential conflicts of interest may arise, we have opted to add value to the industry in which our clients operate and to manage the potential conflicts that may result. This commitment to value-add means RisCura dedicates resources to improve industry standards, as well as to drive industry regulation and transparency. We feel it is ultimately in the best interests of our clients.

We believe strongly that the controls, processes, transparency and recognition of institutional requirements brought about by the RisCura services provided by our various business units, which are explicitly paid for by clients of those businesses, enhance the offerings of the financial service providers who employ them and thereby make it a safer and better place to invest.