What We Do

Investment Services From RisCura

In a world where prudent and impartial financial insights are rare, RisCura provides security and clarity for our clients across the landscape of investment risk and performance. These we deliver through a range of versatile investment solutions based on a deep understanding of the investment value chain – providing independent advice, analyses and reporting for asset owners, investment managers, hedge funds, private equity firms, service providers and brokers.

A Model For Financial Understanding

Through a client-focused range of investment services, we help to simplify the contentious relationship between risk and reward. With specialised capabilities in each of the world’s frontier, emerging and developed markets, our unique combination of investment expertise and management advice enables our clients to devise and implement strategies that not only foster capital stewardship at every level of the investment value chain, but also continue to optimise investment performance.

Investment Advisory

RisCura advises on every aspect of investment. From broad strategic insights to operational planning and implementation, our wide-ranging and celebrated expertise, skills and experience help our clients navigate the complex pathways that make up a successful investment journey (read more).

Investment Strategy

As leaders in the field of liability-driven investment (LDI) strategies we support asset owners – from retirement and medical funds to corporates, trusts and insurers – in selecting the right asset classes and managers to deliver stable returns that meet any combination of goals, liabilities, objectives and needs (read more).

Investment Analytics

RisCura helps a range of investment managers, service providers and investors better understand risk and performance, with a versatile toolbox of class-leading independent risk and performance analytics. Our teams of analysts, scientists, mathematicians and accountants provide customised interpretations of financial data for clients at every level of the global investment value chain – from risk and exposure to performance attribution, transaction cost analysis, indexation, benchmarking and advanced quants (read more).

Compliance Services

Whether regulatory reporting, tracking alternative investments, risk monitoring or mandate compliance, our application of compatible industry-leading technologies and analytical systems return the best in cost-efficiency and accuracy for any regulatory, mandate or portfolio reporting requirement – helping investors and investment managers around the world get the most from their compliance responsibilities (read more).

Investment Administration

From unitisation to independent fund pricing, cash flow management and rebalancing, our independent reporting professionals and state of the art systems ease the burden and complexity of investment administration and reporting, while keeping asset owners informed and empowered – keeping their investments compliant and aligned with regulation (read more).

Investment Accounting

Offering a range of investment accounting services that go way beyond the basics, our accounting professionals and data-intensive financial systems provide investors and managers with the accurate instrument-level reporting they need, adding value by highlighting issues and opportunities that support compliance, monitoring and decision-making for investors of every size and classification (read more).

Transition Management

RisCura’s transition team assists investors in the transfer and rebalancing of assets, implementing new mandates and facilitating cost-efficient capital movements in the acquiring, merging and restructuring of funds – with over USD20 billion in assets transitioned since 1999 (read more).

Independent Valuation

Our independent valuations support investment decision makers with the hard facts and transparent analyses they need to assess any unlisted investment vehicle. Based on extensive on-the-ground business knowledge, advanced financial skills and tailored valuation methodology, we offer an objective and comprehensive view of any unlisted company, fund, infrastructure or debt instrument (read more).

All-Encompassing Investment Services

Whether you’re a trustee wishing to exercise best fiduciary practice, an investor assessing frontier, emerging and developed global markets, or an investment manager seeking deeper insights, contact us directly<page-link–Contact> to discuss how RisCura’s complement of services will strengthen your investment advantage.