Compliance Services

Keeping Track of Rules and Regulation

Diligent attention to compliance and regulatory reporting not only ensures asset owners, investment managers and insurers are conforming to the rules, it also facilitates cost savings, strategic insights and peace of mind that our clients have the support needed to stay on track.

RisCura’s compliance services go beyond broad portfolio checks and fiduciary reporting, easing the burden of statutory and mandate compliance to provide a broad, independent view of investments at instrument level and on a daily basis. We support active management of exposures via early warning systems across asset classes and investment vehicle types, preparing and submitting periodic and regulatory reports in all appropriate jurisdictions on your behalf. This we achieve through a unique combination of industry-leading technology and analytical look-through processes, proven to return the best in cost-efficiencies, intelligence and accuracy for even the most sophisticated investment structures.

Whether standard processes or client-customised, our data expertise and management resources add a unique and uncommonly stable advantage to compliance, often saving on development costs and delivering greater insights and accuracy than expected.

Regulatory Reporting

Developed initially around the rigour of South African pension fund regulation, we today produce reporting of a standard lauded by both clients and regulators globally. We customarily produce reports that go beyond regulatory requirements, reporting at a deeper level and enabling our clients to continuously monitor positions and make appropriate adjustments at every required level of operation.

Alternative Investments

Often associated with increased risk and opaque operating dynamics, alternative investments like hedge funds and private equity funds are perceived by nature to be an unknown quantity. We enhance perceptions for such clients, harmonising regulatory compliance and external perceptions by alignment with appropriate rules, such as the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD).

With seasoned operational knowledge of alternative investments across global markets, we provide a range of compliance and reporting services that complement regulatory disclosure with transparency and self-regulation – engendering greater peace of mind for investors.

Risk Monitoring

More and more emphasis is being placed on the importance of risk measurement across the spectrum of governance and regulation. Our risk monitoring offers integrated services to both asset owners and investment managers – measuring risk in line with global standards and beyond. We address the wider implications of risk by presenting a complete picture of an investor’s position at any point in time. We also analyse individual and collective vulnerabilities, aggregating and consolidating to reveal potential knock-on effects at both portfolio and market levels.

Mandate Compliance Monitoring

Keeping up with investment managers’ compliance requires analytical skill and deep knowledge of the international investment community, as well as earning trust with managers and keeping abreast of latest best practice.

Our investor-minded approach to mandate compliance facilitates understanding at a deeper level, enabling us to process every check and calculation swiftly and accurately, while applying the tightest security around intellectual property and confidential data.

We continuously monitor chosen investment managers’ team dynamics and processes, performance, risk, compliance and qualitative criteria, as well as reviewing their adherence to styles, disciplines and methodologies. Portfolio implementation is continuously monitored for breaches and governance issues, with discrepancies highlighted immediately.

Notably, we form and maintain strong relationships with investment managers, enabling us to be updated regularly and whenever changes in their business might impact future performance.

Get More From Your Compliance

As with everything we do, our compliance services transcend the commonplace, adding value beyond the measurement of accountability – helping our clients work better, understand more and increase performance.

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