Fiduciary Management

Enabling Retirement Fund Trustees to Put Members First

RisCura’s fiduciary management eases the burdens of progressively onerous retirement fund regulation, in an environment where rising costs and lack of clarity only add to the trustee’s load.

This single and integrated service provides trustees with strategic and active investment management, while lifting the routine hassles of administration, reporting and governance.

The result: trustees remain in charge, with more time and resources to meet investment objectives and optimise performance for members.

Big Picture Thinking, Fine Detail Delivery

Benefitting from the same expertise we provide to Africa’s largest retirement funds, you receive the full benefit of our independent consulting advice. This is matched with the essential components of investment strategy, investment management, and administration that together guarantee you:

Full Control of Your Fund’s Strategic Direction:
Because the bulk of a fund’s performance is driven by a specific strategy, we begin with comprehensive review and planning, including member and risk profiles and asset liability modelling. From this we generate a unique asset allocation strategy that supports your objectives, based on proven ability at every stage of the investment value chain – supported with a bespoke Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and relevant trustee training.

Timely Investment Management:
The investment management platform we build will deliver your custom-built strategy, while day-to-day decisions and operational tasks are delegated to RisCura. Your dedicated client manager coordinates RisCura’s specialist teams and reports to you as we monitor activity and advise on ways to mitigate risk and fine-tune your portfolio.

Here we, as RisCura, remain accountable to you as we make tactical asset allocation calls on your behalf – executing with an agility that optimises performance and manages risk far more effectively than is achieved from monthly or quarterly reviews. Firstly though, we save you the onerous and intricate task of choosing, managing and monitoring the best asset managers, harnessing our leading experience of portfolio construction and relationships with every size and type of asset manager across South Africa.

Ease the Burden of Administration:
Ensuring tactical decisions are acted on without delay, RisCura’s world-class investment administration teams execute asset allocations as required, ensuring market fluctuations are responded to swiftly. We also make sure accounting and fiduciary requirements are met with a comprehensive toolkit of regulatory compliance services  and investment accounting, all the while ensuring trustees are kept up to date on operations and activity.

Greater Operational Efficiencies at Lower Cost

Applying multiple economies of scale, from volume-negotiated manager fees and combined working practices, the single, fixed-fee (without long-term agreements or supplementary charges) enables pricing that suits any size of fund. It’s also more than cost-effective, with reported savings of up to 25 per cent over comparable umbrella funds. Just as importantly, your fund is monitored and managed every day by coordinated and multi-disciplined professionals who are thinking, challenging and acting to make your fund more productive and the role of trustee easier.

A Single Solution for Trustees, Greater Benefits for Members

With RisCura’s simple yet intelligent alternative to the shortcomings of umbrella funds you can look forward to increased efficiency, greater clarity and the responsive investment management necessary to optimise performance and maintain stability.

Getting started

Discover how RisCura’s fiduciary management can help your fund serve its members better, by lifting red tape and empowering trustees. Get in touch below.

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