Independent Valuation

Leading Independent Valuation of Unlisted Instruments

RisCura’s independent valuation services offer a range of specialised expertise in unlisted investments that rivals the best in the world.

We provide both direct and indirect investors, private equity funds, infrastructure funds, investment holding companies and banks with the accurate and detailed external valuations they need, to comply with globally recognised standards, including AIFMD, IPEV, IFRS, IVS, US GAAP and ILPA.

Our detailed written reporting gives deep insights into every aspect of unlisted equity investments for pre-investment, post-investment and ongoing monitoring. Auditors and stakeholders are provided genuine transparency that creates understanding and plain communication in even the most complex of transactions. And we eliminate conflicts of interest by remaining independent from portfolio management and remuneration functions.

Private Equity Valuations

The illiquid nature of private equity typically requires an expert, informed view. Accurate judgment requires market knowledge, in-depth analysis, familiarity with competitors and solid commercial experience around the investment market itself. We meet these challenges with a database of market transactions and the best available macroeconomic, sector and company data that ensure we have the best information available to serve and inform our clients.

Read the latest RisCura Bright Africa report and you’ll get a feel for our capabilities in private equity valuation, particularly in the data-scarce emerging and frontier markets of Africa. But today our independent valuation offerings go way further than the African continent, to every frontier, emerging and developed market our clients need us. From one of the most comprehensive databases of African unlisted transactions, to valuation models and expertise, we offer comprehensive unlisted investment valuations anywhere in the world – delivered from a rich complement of skills, on-the-ground knowledge, the best data sources available and accreditations earned from completing hundreds of valuations on unlisted investments.

Private Equity Fund Valuations

As well as focusing on valuing investments for private equity GPs, we also value stakes in private equity funds for fund of funds. Our reports provide added credibility for GP prepared valuations and peace of mind for fund-of-funds investors through independent scrutiny of each investment within the overall structure.

Infrastructure Valuations

Accurate and detailed valuations of investment in infrastructure projects are increasingly important for infrastructure fund managers and investors alike. From renewable energy to oil and gas projects, road and rail infrastructure and construction, our in-depth reports provide detailed risk assessments and independent valuations. We assess asset value and risk at each project stage, from feasibility to regulatory approvals, financial close, green field and brown field phases, through to commercial operation date and the remaining operating life of an asset.

Impairment Testing of Debt

We help debt fund managers assess the valuations of their investments by providing independent impairment tests on their assets – typically making a determination of enterprise value before assessing the capital structure and equity buffer dynamics, to determine whether an impairment to our client’s investment is required.

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With our seasoned team of private equity specialists, investment accountants, risk management practitioners, compliance experts and investment advisors you have at your disposal some of the most forward-thinking investment experts available.

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