Institutional Platform Services

Lifting the Red Tape of Investments

Investment administration can weigh heavily on busy management teams, and not always provide the reporting benefits you’d like. The best administration service brings efficiency and simplification while remaining discreet and inconspicuous. Even better if the process conveys insights that help you optimise performance along the way.

RisCura’s suite of administration services is provided by specialist teams of independent professionals who ally a deep understanding of the risks and complexity of investment administration with an investor’s specific requirements. Our processes and systems, supported by rigorous and insightful investment accounting services, run alongside your own, with minimal call on your internal time and resources, taking on regulatory duties while identifying and reporting on operational insights that support your ongoing decision-making.

Cash flow Management

Cash flow management demands can range dramatically, from simple to highly complex. Our customised cash flow services meet all monitoring, management and reporting requirements, allowing you to manage assets as they relate to individual investors on an equitable and timely basis.

These systems manage any combination of cash flow transactions, with real-time allowances made for settlement periods that reflect your true position. This we deliver with daily collection of market values, the receipt and processing of instructions, asset rebalancing within strategic asset allocations and reviews and reports at appropriate intervals, including tax and assistance with end-of-year reports.

Rebalancing Services

Managing the complexities of diversified assets across multiple managers presents significant complexity and cost-implications, especially when individual investors’ requirements are to be taken into account. To keep within asset allocation limits and regulation, RisCura’s rebalancing services ensure all asset levels are kept within strategic and regulatory limits, often providing higher liquidity and increased cost savings, whatever the asset/manager dynamic.


Ensuring complete accuracy and fairness to your individual savers and investors requires maintaining an accurate, day-to-day view of activity across all asset classes and manager mandates. We deliver unitisation services with industry-leading systems that process daily cash flows and portfolio market values, enabling the ongoing monitoring of asset allocations and minimisation of transaction costs. That way you can ensure your investment accurately represents itself, every day and in the most cost-effective manner.

Getting started

RisCura can help to lift your load. Let’s discuss how we can optimise your fund’s administrative processes, and add value with relevant communications and strategic insights. Get in touch below.

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