Fund Accounting & Reporting

Financial Reporting That Makes Sense

Investment accounting can be both time-consuming and expensive to accomplish in-house, and doesn’t always return the valuable insights you need to support strategic decisions.

RisCura provides a range of investment accounting services that deliver the processing and reporting investors need and facilitates the production of financial information at deeper levels, helping you maintain control of your investment activity and more effectively work towards your strategic objectives.

More Than Back Office Reporting

Each of our accounting services includes liaison with asset managers and consistent pricing that irons out discrepancies in timing and reporting methodologies. We deal with client’s auditors directly on investment matters, minimising the burden on your staff, while interfacing with regulators wherever possible, so you receive precise and consistent accounting that meets the expectations of external authorities.

The accounting processes we design and employ are by nature extremely data intensive. This necessitates the use of powerful and flexible systems, capable of dealing with instruments from any jurisdiction and at the most granular levels of detail. We are able to retrieve information from all sources efficiently and provide detailed schedules and reports that facilitate better decision-making. The result? You receive clear outputs across monthly, quarterly and annual reports, specific financial statement schedules and supplementary data that optimises administration across all your investments.

Clarifying the Accounting Blur

RisCura’s investment accounting provides a clearer view, with reporting and insights that lend support to every facet of the investment process, including:

  • Strategic compliance – for regular checks on asset allocations, manager and mandate compliance, offering a clear lens through which you and your advisor can view the status and progress of your investment strategy.
  • Administration – enhancing the quality of data that will return accurate outputs for your administration processes.

Consolidated Reporting

Making RisCura responsible for reporting across portfolios means greater awareness across all your holdings. We also offer a look-through function across disparate investments, aggregating high-level information on managers, including assets, fees and transaction costs and providing consistency in the treatment of instruments including pricing, classification, exchange rates and more.

Compliance Monitoring and Regulatory Reporting

Our approach to strategic, administrative and regulatory compliance and reporting eases complexity by lifting the burden of analysis and reporting around regulatory and strategic compliance. Our regulatory services are built around more than 10 years’ experience as a recognised compliance and risk management service provider across over USD100 billion of client assets.

In line with our specialised range of compliance services, our systems deliver the powerful and flexible capability required to deal with instruments from any jurisdiction, supported by early warning systems and relevant relationships with asset managers, service providers and data providers.

Getting started

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