Leading Guidance and Support for Investors

An investor’s job is tougher than ever. Increasingly stringent regulation, coupled with higher expectations, only adds to the problems of increased risk and instability across investment markets. These days, exercising good stewardship and achieving the best returns requires first-class advice and support from a trusted partner that brings talent, skill and broad experience to every facet of the investment universe.

That’s why we begin every advisory relationship by asking: what do you want to achieve?

Starting with the end in mind enables us to leverage our successes across the spectrum of institutional investment (with today over $200 billion in client funds under advice). It allows us to most effectively apply our wealth of resources and knowledge – creating and delivering powerful investment strategies that consistently deliver desired outcomes.

At the same time we enrich our investment advice with a unique management consultancy approach – complementing our independent position with specialised operational support, identifying challenges and opportunities, making practical recommendations and assisting with the ever-shifting operational demands of the global investment environment.

What’s the RisCura Advantage?

Ours is an investor-minded approach that contradicts the traditional investment advisory model in three key areas:

Firstly, we dig deeper than portfolio risk appetite and performance benchmarks, creating strategies that determine and strive toward investment outcomes based on your liabilities, objectives, needs and goals. This supports our clients in reaching designated levels of performance, over set time horizons and without taking on more risk than is necessary.

Secondly, a RisCura advisor is your expert contact in all matters, not only serving as gatekeeper – ensuring stringent guardianship over your capital, but also guiding you through the journey of implementing and project managing your investment strategy, with pinpoint-focused services from a toolbox of specialised teams. Not only does this eliminate key-person risk and potential conflicts, it also ensures the best minds and technologies are deployed at every level – from strategy to investment administration, accounting, advanced analytics, compliance, and even transition management.

Thirdly, we empower investors by clarifying ever-changing investment complexity, market trends, investment classes and regulation. Our expertise covers investment markets at every level of economic development, especially frontier and emerging territories. Coupled with our experience at every stage of the investment value chain, this translates into a wealth of invaluable insights that serve the spectrum of investor challenges and requirements.

Guiding You Through the Investment Journey

Whether large or small, institutional, corporate or retail, every advisory engagement we take on is characterised with ongoing cognisance of the shifting investment landscape – ensuring our comprehensive resources remain available to optimise investment outcomes through every key phase – from needs analysis to strategy, implementation, monitoring and ongoing review.

Getting started

No doubt your needs are as unique as the combination of advice and assistance we can offer you. That’s why the first step we’ll take with you is to arrange a broad discussion around where you are, your risk appetite and, most importantly, what you want to achieve. Chances are, we’ll be able to share ideas with you right away. Get in touch with us below and start that conversation now.

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