A cornerstone of many institutional portfolios is the appointment of one or more investment managers to take care of the portfolio management and deliver returns to the asset owner.

RisCura’s experience in identifying and selecting fund managers goes back nearly 20 years and has provided our clients with market-beating returns and innovative strategies over many periods and across asset classes. This skill and expertise are available to clients through our multi-manager solutions. These combine RisCura’s carefully selected fund managers into a convenient package.

RisCura’s investment philosophy

We recognise that financial markets are complex. To succeed, investors need to bring together the best human resources to:

Investment philosophy

It is these principles that guide the manager selection and portfolio management for all of our multi-manager solutions.

Our competitive advantage

Our manager research and due diligence services are led by RisCura’s senior investment experts who personally participate in the investment research. We believe that this approach, combined with detailed due diligence, technology and quantitative models, results in far superior quality research.

Through this research, clients can benefit by accessing exciting and niche investment opportunities in emerging and frontier markets.

Supporting responsible investment behaviour

As a signatory to the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) and an endorser of CRISA, we are committed to recognising and applying the principles of responsible investing throughout our business. From a fiduciary perspective and a social perspective, we ensure that investments take into account the environmental, social and governance requirements of our clients and society at large.

Fund management journey

We have created our multi-management products based on proven investment expertise, to either meet specific client investment objectives and risk profiles, or to provide off-the-shelf fund offerings with targeted, specific risk and performance objectives.

Multi-managed investment products

RisCura, on a full discretionary basis, manages a wide range of both multi-asset and single-asset class multi-managed portfolios on behalf of clients. Our extensive experience in portfolio construction allows us to see different market conditions, understand investor needs, and provides us with the foundation to build risk-appropriate, strong performing and well-managed portfolios.

Driven by passion and guided with care, we offer a wide range of funds and solutions. These include our recently launched China-focused strategies, and incubation and impact solutions. View our full range of funds here.

Custom multi-managed investment products

In addition to our off-the-shelf offerings, RisCura has created fully-delegated to partially-delegated offerings, born from ever-changing investor needs and opportunities. These solutions are customised to particular investors’ requirements and accommodate their unique goals and circumstances.

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