Investment Strategy

Defining Successful Investment Outcomes

Whatever your goals, an effective strategy is the most valuable intellectual asset in achieving a desired investment outcome. Strategy identifies and defines the what and the where of investment, who will manage the process, how you will deal with unforeseen events and the metrics you will reference to measure progress and participants’ performance.

With long-proven capabilities in helping investors and management teams successfully optimise returns based on liabilities, needs, objectives or goals, RisCura brings the experience, expertise and resources that create clear and actionable investment strategies – helping to manage risk while focusing on the portfolio construction, asset allocations and management structures that deliver on every class of financial objective.

The Three Levels of Strategy

Ultimately, the strategy we develop and recommend will be formulated with careful consideration of three key levels of operation:

  • Strategic Asset Allocation – the setting of a baseline asset allocation that will maximise the probability of meeting your long-term objectives (read more).
  • Capital Allocation – defining how capital will be allocated to investment managers, and the management styles and methodologies that will best suit your requirements (read more).
  • Tactical Asset Allocation – setting rules that will safely maintain agility in responding to short-term market fluctuations, while ensuring opportunity costs are minimised (read more).

Customised Solutions Backed by Sound Theory

Asset liability modelling (ALM) is a vital foundation for any investment strategy. It is the tool we use to establish asset allocation parameters in relation to liabilities, objectives, needs or goals. Based on both our own development and leading academic works, our proprietary ALM owes as much to physics as actuarial science, enabling our team of highly skilled specialists to choose mathematical modelling and value analyses over ‘gut feel’ – essential in avoiding unnecessary risk and cost.

Strategies Without Surprises

Our economic scenario generator (ESG) employs proven mathematical functions to forecast the evolvement of assets in relation to liabilities, objectives, needs or goals in a future economic environment, enabling us to recommend a strategic asset allocation that will deliver on strategic objectives. This method is proven to surpass the traditional, deterministic, approach, with a more accurate mathematical representation of real-life dynamics and uncertainty.

More Than Theory

With a host of complementary resources and capabilities at our disposal, we enrich any strategic investment plan with insights and capabilities as diverse as investment administration, transition management and advanced analytics. When combined with a well-considered IPS and audit practice this provides a powerful way to not only assess your strategy, but keep it on track, especially under the umbrella of our Investment Advisory Services. Combined together, this toolbox of resources empowers any investor to more accurately determine and forecast every facet of an investment strategy, from development through to administration, monitoring and maintenance.

Getting started

We offer assistance in determining your strategic needs and advice on what your investment strategy will look like in reality. Get in touch with us below and let’s put your ideas into action.

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