Manager Allocation

Choosing the Best in Capital Allocation

Deciding how to allocate capital, along with who will best manage it, is a vital step in reaching your strategic investment objectives. Doing this well demands a rare blend of industry knowledge and judgement around both global investment management practice and a mind-boggling universe of individual manager styles and methodologies.

RisCura delivers on these criteria. And then we go a step further, with a manager research and selection process enriched with strict attention to detail and debate from multiple viewpoints, including our own portfolio management experts. This ensures our advice is based not only on comprehensive and independent research and analysis, but also insights from dedicated investment specialists.

Manager Research

In addition to our strengths across the investment arena, RisCura brings uncommonly strong capabilities in research and a deep understanding of risk management in both emerging and mainstream markets. This helps our clients achieve significant investment returns by blending specialist mandates and management styles together, while ensuring managers’ portfolio holdings continue to maximise diversification benefits.

Due Diligence

We look carefully at managers’ investment philosophies and processes, while verifying that appropriate licenses, insurance, sound corporate governance and compliance procedures are implemented. This we support further with stock-based risk models that analyse managers’ portfolios and make careful assessment of the success a manager is likely to bring to the investor’s performance.

Manager Fees

Our relationships with, and knowledge of, global investment managers, coupled with an extensive database of fees, means we are well placed to negotiate favourable fixed or performance-linked fees on behalf of our clients, while ensuring fee structures are fair and appropriate.

Getting started

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