Strategic Asset Allocation

Building the Foundations of Investment Strategy

Strategic asset allocation is the principal driver behind any successful investment strategy and the first step in optimising an implementation that will manage capital in line with your needs, goals, objectives and liabilities.

More Clarity, Less Complexity

Our approach to allocating assets in an investment portfolio is the key factor in developing investment strategies that meet financial objectives and maximise performance over the long term. We present a clear and straightforward choice of asset allocations that yield the highest return for each level of risk.

Today we can boast numerous successful case studies, across multiple territories and in every asset class, demonstrating how our long-term portfolio strategies continue to meet target asset allocations, with checks supporting periodic rebalancing and cash flow management that keep investment strategies aligned with their pre-set allocation parameters.

An Outcome Driven Methodology

As pioneers in the field of liability-driven investing, we apply a proven blend of talent and technology in formulating any target asset allocation. Starting with our asset liability modelling (ALM) and economic scenario generator (ESG), we formulate a view on the best combination of asset classes and markets that will optimise future performance. Based on a carefully researched and mathematically influenced process, this method supports any type of investor, with models that are analysed and tested extensively before a final decision is taken on asset allocation.

Maintaining Control

Once your strategic asset allocation has been established, we assist you in selecting and allocating appropriate mandates and investment managers with manager research and selection and tactical asset allocation skills that further optimise performance in line with your risk budget. This provides clarity on how to keep your asset allocation on track, however segmented it may become over time, or within any combination of managers.

Because asset allocation is a long-term strategic matter, we also help monitor progress and compliance at regular intervals, with a range of cash flow and rebalancing administration services to keep your asset allocations on track.

Getting started

Creating the mix of assets that will underpin your long-term performance requires the kind of expert attention we apply to our clients’ investments every day. Let us help you reach your investment goals with optimised strategic asset allocation. Get in touch below.

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