Tactical Asset Allocation

Enhancing Short-Term Investment Performance

Because of its long-term nature, strategic asset allocation doesn’t always provide an optimised level of performance or downside protection for an investment in uncertain market conditions. Nor does it offer the timely windows of opportunity that support the active pursuit of growth.

RisCura provides the answer through tactical asset allocation – monitoring, identifying and facilitating judicious adjustments to investment portfolios that lock in performance, mitigate risk and guard against losses. Performing a role beyond the traditional investment advisor, we actively get involved in and respond to market fluctuations and resolve potential manager issues, within overall asset allocation limits and in line with broader investment strategies. These measures not only support actions based on market views and economic outlook, but also rules-based rebalancing decisions, necessitated by any breach of your strategic asset allocation limits.

Smart and Cost-Effective

We enable a choice of comparatively low-risk methods of optimising a portfolio, with tactical asset adjustments that take the middle ground between active trading and a hands-off approach – prioritising strategic asset allocation while actively looking for opportunities to enhance or maintain short-term performance. This need not require trading of assets, but rather more cost-effective and efficient derivatives and hedging. These mechanisms have driven quantifiable profit gains for many of our clients, at lower cost than trading individual instruments. And because we have a strategic view of our clients’ goals, we can often recommend specific tactics in response to market fluctuations within the scope of existing asset limits.

Getting started

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