Guided by Care

Each day, the people of RisCura go to work conscious of how investments affect the future of society and the planet. Guided by care in all that we do, we go to work aiming to achieve two things.

Firstly, we work to empower our clients towards more intelligent financial decision-making, helping them navigate risk in even the most volatile investment markets. But we also want to know our efforts will benefit those to whom our clients are most accountable – the pensioners, savers, medical fund members and others who depend on investment growth and stability to lead richer, more secure lives.

Working Smarter to Make Things Simple

Ours is an approach that constantly challenges accepted thinking, prospecting valuable investment data through sometimes astonishingly sophisticated processes, created by incredibly smart people. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t deliver communication in clear terms. Hence our clients trust our integrity and commitment, not only to support, inform and advise, but also to educate and empower them to make better and more informed investment decisions.

Of course, implementing such sound judgement depends on combining accurate information with the most specialised expertise, consolidating them so a clear, reasoned and actionable picture emerges. Which is no simple task.

An Uncompromising Approach

Working in partnership with our clients we precisely assess every aspect of an investment, every component of performance, and every facet of liability. At the same time a world-class management team mobilises the best investment talent and technology to ask the right, often difficult, questions.

Only when we have the answers to all the questions do we share our findings and make genuinely independent and impartial recommendations.

At the End of The Process are the People Who Matter

We never forget that investment is about care and stewardship; we never forget that investments belong to real people. Our business and all its services are about helping our clients do the right thing by these individuals. If anything we do fails to support this ethos, then it is simply not a part of our business. In this way we continue to help the trustees, asset managers, brokers, and more, make critical decisions through accurate, integrated input that covers every component of the equation, in a way that is a hundred per cent relevant to them.

In short, we help smart financial people manage today, so those pensioners, savers, medical fund members and others needn’t worry about tomorrow.