The RisCura Story

A Brief History of RisCura

RisCura is built on a unique philosophy, driven by passion and guided with care, that help us support investors in smarter decision-making. And smarter decisions naturally translate into better-managed, top-performing investments, from which real people can benefit every day.

It’s been this way since Jarred Glansbeek began challenging the accepted norms of the investment advisory profession in 1999. Back then, he realised there was only one way to give South African funds a worthy alternative to the limited, one-size-fits-all, services on offer. His intention was to fundamentally transform the approach to advisory services, particularly for institutional funds with complex liability profiles.

The Right Approach, The Best People

Starting with a handful of committed staff Mercury Risk Managers was born, soon evolving into RisCura in 2000. This new vehicle gave Jarred and his team the ability to deliver, without compromise, RisCura’s results-driven advisory services and tools, focused on delivering optimal results for the particular needs of individual funds.

“By 2004 RisCura’s repeated success, based on transparency, performance standards and independent risk assessment, was described by South Africa’s financial media as engendering “a silent revolution”.

RisCura’s footprint has grown substantially since 1999, with offices across Africa, the UK and China, bringing that “silent revolution” to clients around the world with combined assets of more than $200 billion.

From the beginning, RisCura set out to be a different kind of company. One that not only nurtured innovation and performance, but also brought a human duty of care to every facet of its operation. This ethos has since evolved into a network of expertise across emerging markets spanning investment advisory, investment management, investment analytics, alternative investment services, platform services and compliance services available to institutional investors. It’s an approach that continues to be celebrated across the world, with its foundations firmly rooted in our philosophy.