Our Philosophy

Innovative investment solutions, driven by passion, guided by Care

These days we are all aware of how corporations, as well as people, have a responsibility to the world around them. At RisCura, we are driven by a common human duty of care and the very same ethical values we espouse to our clients and the wider world. Representing our philosophy of being guided by Care as a benchmark for everything we do, these principles support an approach to investment and innovation that continue to help our clients make ever-better investment decisions.

Excellent long-term results for the end beneficiaries of our services

We understand that each of our clients is part of an investment value chain, and that the end result of a job done well is better lives for everyday people. Our focus on great investment decisions, full transparency, excellent execution and accuracy are key to ensuring that people retire in security, that institutions are stronger, that investment goals are met and that the world we live in tomorrow is a sustainable one.

Keeping overall costs low and standards high

Fees and costs related to investments can have a significant effect over the longer term. That’s why RisCura works to reduce costs by negotiating on behalf of its institutional clients, cutting out fat in the investment value chain and driving efficiency. RisCura is also committed to keeping its own costs as low as possible while implementing quality services and value for its clients.

Creating time for clients to focus on what matters

At RisCura we understand that our clients have many responsibilities and stakeholders outside of the scope of our services. We work to make sure that clients’ time is freed up to focus on the areas where they are needed.

Support for localisation and development in the countries where we work

As a purpose-driven investment firm, RisCura is committed to inclusive growth of our businesses globally. In each country where we operate, we partner with local people and share skills and experience to position each company for success in their markets.

Supporting responsible investment behaviour

Responsible investing is not a feel-good issue, but a set of principles that begins with remembering the people we ultimately work for. Whether savers, pensioners or medical scheme members, both RisCura and our clients have a duty to the investors we collectively serve. Consequently, as signatory to the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) and an endorser of CRISA, we are committed to recognising and applying the principles of responsible investing throughout our business.

View our Responsible Investment Code here.

A Human Duty of Care for All Businesses

Being at the heart of the investment industry, we see how responsible and ethical behaviours contribute capital value to business. Whether it’s cutting costs where possible, our employees volunteering their time or remembering those for whom we ultimately work, RisCura is a more valuable organisation as we play our part in helping to shape a better world, wherever that may be.